We Make It Simple To Purchase Recyclable Materials


We Make It Simple To Purchase Recyclable Materials

As a member of the larger network of recyclers and material purchasers in Europe, we collect over a million tonnes of paper and cardboard and specialise in the selling and purchase of a variety of materials. We deal with other materials in addition to paper and cardboard, including polymers, metals, and glass.

Our network partners help us maintain an up-to-date and effective logistics model, one that gives us access to items on time. To ensure that our clients get paper, plastic, glass, and metal products from reputable sources, we work to establish trusting connections with our suppliers.


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Our buying teams make sure we interact with all of our suppliers throughout the transactional cycle to guarantee our clients' requirements are fulfilled at every stage. To assure the quality of our products and materials, and to maximise their recycled value, we purchase samples for each order.

Buying We buy a wide range of grades of paper, plastic, metals, and glass.

Selling We offer recycled materials that have been rigorously inspected.

Logistics We deliver one of the finest and most dependable distribution services in the UK.

Recycled goods are especially cost-effective for companies that purchase in big numbers. Because virtually everything your company needs can be obtained from recycled goods such as office paper, construction materials, shipping supplies, stationery products, carpeting etc and you may save costs in the long run.


Our Construction Waste Recycling Process

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