Pest Control For Your Business


Pest Control For Your Business

In compliance with UK laws, Trikon CWS offers competitive and secure pest control services, as well as removing waste such as rodent corpses, and chemical products. We recognise the urgency of treating pest infestations, and we are accustomed to cooperating with entities like the Environment Agency in providing evidence of pest treatments done.

We have a widespread presence throughout the country, providing pest control services to both residential and business clients, eradicating a variety of pests, including rats, fleas, bed bugs, flies, fleas and textile pests.


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Nationwide Pest Control Services

The bigger your business becomes, the more often you should call in pest control services. When more waste is brought produced and kept, the population of rodents and insects will increase on the property. An effective pest control service keeps pests at bay, prevents infestations, and helps create a work atmosphere that is both safe and enjoyable. In most cases, our pest experts will identify and eradicate the infestation, as well as offer instruction on preventing future pest issues.

Survey We set up a survey, along with offering you an estimate and suggestions.

Tailored Treatment Our certified experts offer custom services that best fits your needs

Aftercare Prevention and care for long-lasting solution

A non-obligatory site survey enables us to monitor your pest issues and offer a suggestion to protect your building against pests. Our business client portfolio comprises housing organisations, retail outlets, agriculture merchants, public buildings and more.


Our Pest Control Recycling Process

  • Inspection
  • Preventive Action
  • Treatment
  • After Care

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Request a free Pest Control recycling quote and set up a new waste contract on the same day. If you need additional services, we will send you a copy of your quotation and help you tailor the services to fit your needs.

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