Reliable Food Waste Collection


Reliable Food Waste Collection

Throwing away leftover food is costly for your company as well as the environment.Trikon CWS provides a safe and convenient service for the collection of food waste that helps to prevent increasing landfill tax expenses and also to minimise environmental impacts for your company.

We are aware of the importance of the proper disposal of food waste, therefore we provide a tailor-made solution to meet your particular needs and waste quantities. Food waste recycling is critical to lowering emissions, which is something we strive to do with all of our waste management services. We can provide you with a customised solution for your company and the appropriate food recycling bins for your food waste to be disposed of responsibly.

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How We Create Value for You?

We can help you manage and possibly decrease your waste expenses but first, our team will do a thorough food waste audit of your company's needs. We can handle a significant quantity of agricultural waste, as well as waste from beverage and food manufacturing. Whether it's packaged food waste, bakery waste, unsaleable food, food from supermarkets/shops, or liquid wastes, we can turn any food into usable energy.

Trusted Partners We partner with coffee shops, stores, and hospitals

Anaerobic Digestion Facilities Converting food waste into renewable energy

Save 50% On Food Disposals With us, you may save on costs when compared to disposal in a landfill.

We offer free and easy servicing and a bin swap scheme: it means no stinky bins and no risk of biological contamination. To help maintain your food waste bins clean, safe, and fit for their function, we also offer bins, bin-cleaning, and bin replacement. In short, we provide bins that make storing food hygienic and waste easy.


Our Food Recycling Process

  • Collection
  • Anaerobic Digestion Plant
  • High-Grade Fertiliser
  • Bio Methane

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