One-Stop-Shop Dry Mixed Recycling Services


One-Stop-Shop Dry Mixed Recycling Services

At Trikon CWS, our dry mixed recycling services help you to minimise your carbon footprint while improving recycling efficiency and waste disposal.

The collection’s contents are transported to a materials recovery facility, where they are sorted by material type and completely recycled into new goods, articles, and products such as plastic toys and accessories, glass bottles, and paper. For example:

  • Our collection of newspapers, periodicals, and magazines is utilised to create new prints
  • Mixed paper is used to create packaging materials.
  • Cardboard is recycled and used in new cardboard products.
  • Plastic is graded and reprocessed into pellets and recycled to make new plastic products.




Postal Coverage


Tonnes of Waste Cleared


Service Reliability

How Can We Help At Trikon CWS?

Depending on how often you need your waste collected, we provide pickups that are available on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. We try to keep as much of our waste out of landfills as possible, and where we can, we make use of recycled materials to help create new products or produce clean energy.

Save Money Much Less Expensive than Regular Waste Collection.

Environmentally Friendly Dry Mixed Recycling is a Zero-Landfill Service.

Good For Your Business Frees Up Funding for Other Sustainable Programs.

We offer you a wide range of dry-mixed containers from wheelie bins (240L-1100L) to rear-end loader and static compactor. We can schedule pickups to meet your requirements, whether that's a one-time big collection, or a recurring smaller collections every week if you have adequate quantities of specific dry-mixed waste.


Our Dry Mixed Recycling Process

  • Collection
  • Processing
  • Separation
  • New Product

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Request a free Dry Mixed recycling quote and set up a new waste contract on the same day. If you need additional services, we will send you a copy of your quotation and help you tailor the services to fit your needs.

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