Cardboard Recycling Solutions for Your Business


Cardboard Recycling Solutions for Your Business

A significant part of the waste produced by companies in the UK consists of cardboard waste from eCommerce and food packages. The cardboard recycling programme at Trikon Commercial Waste Solutions saves:

  • Lots of trees
  • precious resources to a business
  • lowers waste costs

If your company generates a lot of cardboard and you’re not sure how to store, bale, or transport it correctly. Then get in touch as we can assist in recycling your cardboard within the circular economy.


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Nationwide Cardboard Waste Recycling

As a byproduct of their day-to-day operations, many companies generate commercial cardboard waste. Although the generation of this waste is often inevitable, its disposal in a landfill is not. It can be recycled many times before being shredded and used as animal bedding. We recycle every single piece of cardboard we collect, so none of it ever goes to a landfill.

Trusted Partners We partner with coffee shops, stores, and hospitals

Eco-Friendly Cardboards will be disposed in a sustainable manner

Professional Cardboard Collection We divert waste from landfills and lower costs

If you are searching for a business cardboard recycling centre that gives the highest rebates in the industry, we can assist you. Our cardboard recycling services provide your company with an easy and affordable solution to the problem of removing waste cardboard. Since our service area covers the whole United Kingdom, we can accommodate businesses of any size or kind, no matter where they may be located.


Our Cardboard Recycling Process

  • Pickup
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Reuse

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Request a free cardboard recycling quote and set up a new waste contract on the same day. If you need additional services, we will send you a copy of your quotation and help you tailor the services to fit your needs.

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