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In compliance with UK laws, Trikon CWS offers competitive and secure pest control services, as well as removing waste such as rodent corpses, and chemical products. We recognise the urgency of treating pest infestations, and we are accustomed to cooperating with entities like the Environment Agency in providing evidence of… Read More

The unpleasant experience of washroom waste disposal is further exacerbated when improperly kept bins allow germs to grow. Let our team of expert service providers handle all of your sanitary needs. At Trikon CWS, we strive to deliver a comprehensive washroom waste solution, so you never have to worry about… Read More

Unwanted and hazardous waste that can damage human health and the environment must be handled and processed carefully. Every company is required by law to take responsibility for managing hazardous waste safely. Through our national footprint of organic and inorganic hazardous waste infrastructure, we offer you access to the newest… Read More

As a member of the larger network of recyclers and material purchasers in Europe, we collect over a million tonnes of paper and cardboard and specialise in the selling and purchase of a variety of materials. We deal with other materials in addition to paper and cardboard, including polymers, metals,… Read More

The CDE (construction, demolition, and excavation) sites produce all kinds of waste including debris, asphalt, crushed stone, sand, gravel, bricks and concrete. The law compels involved parties to handle and dispose of waste in a suitable manner and we are here to do just that. Trikon CWS offers cost-effective construction… Read More