Our Approach

So What Makes Us Different?.

Our wealth of experience and research has shown us that most waste management companies tend to go into businesses with a one size fits all approach in order make their own lives easier.

Trikon is not a typical waste management company; we create a partnership with all our customers. We use our wealth of experience and research to create specialised and unique waste management plans. This benefits our customers much more than a one size fits all approach and lets us give good value for money and provide an excellent service.

Our well-informed and dedicated team manages all waste streams, ensuring our customers are compliant with waste regulations. As a company we continuously review ways to recycle more effectively and save money.

Our passion for our customers and recycling allows us to offer Free Cardboard Collections as part of our services to encourage segregation of waste and resulting in less going to landfill and more being recycled.

Using innovative incentives and methods to recycle materials we have diverted thousands of tonnes from landfill and at the same time saving our customers money. At Trikon we strive to implement “recycle more to save more” within all personalised plans.

Core Actvities

Company Model.

At Trikon we believe our business model lets us deliver the best service to all our customers.

We put our customers and their needs at the heart of our business by keeping up to date with innovative ways to recycle waste and continually providing excellent customer service.

We impart knowledge of environmental impacts and legislation to our customers and the community. Bit by bit we want to make South Wales a greener place.

Our Business Model:

Customer Service

We become partners with our clients, which allows us to understand their unique waste stream needs. We then develop a personalised plan and keep in close contact to ensure we are offering the best service.


We educate our customers and the wider community about the advantages of recycling and how managing their waste streams effectively can save money and benefit the environment.

Industry Aware

Keeping up-to date with movements, regulations and developments within the industry allows us to offer our customers the best service and prices, while reducing the environmental impact.



We offer a range of trade waste and recycling services across South Wales to cater for all your specific needs.

Who We Are

We look to recycle as much of you waste materials as possible and can advise in ways in which to do so.

Need Help?

Simply contact our office and speak with one of our dedicated customer care team for further information, help and advise.

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