How it works

Independent Waste Brokers

We are an independent waste broker that works with the various business sectors including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, construction industries to offer waste collection, recycling, and disposing solutions via our certified network. Our team of professionals has extensive industry expertise and develops waste solutions that are specifically tailored to your facilities and come at no additional cost. Instead of raising your waste expenses, we want to assist you to recycle more and therefore lower your costs.


The Process

We make sure all of our reputable and certified waste management service partners have the capacity and availability to do the work demanded by the client. There are many advantages of working with an independent waste management broker like Trikon CWS.

  • Everything is coordinated around a single invoice—from pick-ups to recycling.
  • An unbiased assessment of the most effective waste management practises
  • Versatile commercial agreements that can be adapted to changing market circumstances.
  • Spend your money more prudently and keep an eye out for frequent price increases.
  • Ensuring that less waste is disposed of in landfills

Once we receive the best rates from our panel of service providers, confirmation from the client is required, and Trikon CWS handles the rest. Because we do not operate our own fleet, we have minimal overheads and can provide cost-effective solutions at reasonable prices


The Benefits

Site managers, restaurant owners, and similar tradespeople who need frequent waste collections or have more complicated waste management requirements may benefit from the services we provide. Trikon CWS is committed to ensuring clients do not have to waste time or call around for waste collection services.

If you have last-minute work, an additional skip, or if you cannot get equipment to your because of site issues, we are just a phone call away! We have all the necessary resources to get what you need.


Working With Us

Trikon CWS acts as an intermediary between clients and waste service providers. Our job is to find the right provider for your business waste needs and thereafter continue to coordinate and supervise the collection and disposal of waste.

  • We only work with waste service providers that have relevant accreditations and licences up to date and are legitimate.
  • We choose waste supplier quotes and proposals based on a submission that is commercially, technically, and legally sound.
  • We will plan EVERYTHING, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Before finalising your order, we’ll do a quick price check to make sure you’re receiving the best possible deal
  • Professional & responsive customer service

What if I'm not happy with my existing waste collection company?

We completely understand why you might want to go to a different service provider. Some services only focus on waste collection rather than proactively managing waste disposal. Our team can process the cancellation request on your behalf. A set of signed letters will be sent to your current waste management service provider to inform them of your recent arrangement with us. This will minimise the burden of making changes since we may start the cancellation procedure using your current terms and conditions.

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