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Trikon CWS's goal is to make sure your business stays in compliance with rigorous environmental and waste disposal regulations that are applied with more and greater rigour in the UK. To retain our leadership in waste management, we strive to provide customers with the best overall solutions. We're focused on ensuring that our efforts reduce environmental impacts, while also committing to a zero-waste to landfills where possible.

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Waste Management & Recycling

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Commercial Waste Collection

We have a long history of waste management experience, which allows us to provide highly specialised waste collection services to your business. Our expertise and knowledge span the whole spectrum of industries, from manufacturing to agricultural and retail to construction in the UK. We offer various sized bins to better manage your waste, making it possible to keep waste levels in your environment to a minimum. By adopting a proactive strategy, our clients improve on efficiency, while also minimising environmental waste.

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Eco Friendly

Commercial Waste Solution

You can be sure that your waste will be recycled when you choose to work with an eco-friendly waste disposal business like ours. Landfills are bad for the environment because decomposing waste, such as plastic, takes many years, and as a consequence, it threatens our ecosystem and animals. Bearing this in mind, we attempt to reuse whatever we receive and anything that could not be recycled would be sent to the facility where it could be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Benefits of Using a Waste Management Broker

What is the role of a Waste Management Broker? Waste management brokers represent a company’s interests in negotiations with waste management companies. To get the greatest deals on waste transportation and recycling, they use their expertise and industry contacts. Waste management brokers, above all, assist companies in developing the most cost-effective strategy for managing their […]

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What Is A Waste Broker?

Introduction While every company has specific waste management requirements, the overwhelming majority of companies fail to evaluate how to best spend their money in this area. Businesses sometimes spend much more than they should for waste management services because of the complexity of invoicing and the aggressive pricing strategies used by suppliers. Fortunately, waste management […]

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Which size bin is appropriate for your commercial waste?

A crucial aspect that may be neglected over time, regardless of whether your company is new or has been around for a while, is constantly assessing and comprehending your commercial waste and how to collect and dispose of it properly. Overfilling bins regularly may result in extra fees from your waste operator or even penalties […]

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